We tried to suck it up and deal with this cold weather, but we just love our warm weather too much! We booked a few warm trips this year to break up our winter, and we headed out! We do quite a bit of traveling, so over time I have mastered what to prepare when flying. My comfy traveling outfit details are below!

Sweater: Similar Here, HereHere & Here | Pants: Lululemon | Runners: Nike | Earrings: Kate Spade

 Backpack: Michael Kors | Watch: Michael Kors (Similar Here & Here)

Tip 1

I pack a ridiculous amount of clothing, no matter where I’m traveling to (but especially if I’m going somewhere hot). You would think that I would have less to pack and lighter, smaller items for a hot vacation.. but it’s just the opposite. I pack at LEAST one bikini for every day I’m on vacation, along with a day outfit, and an evening outfit (don’t let me get started on the shoes). Of course there are other outfits on top of that.. workout gear, snorkelling gear and more. So if you have this problem, I have a solution! Instead of folding my clothing items, I roll them up. It actually saves a lot of space and makes room for even more ;)!

Tip 2

A lot of luggage can look so similar, so make sure you have something on your bags that you can recognize. We just got Beckam his own bag tag, to make sure we wouldn’t lose his luggage either.

Tip 3

Check your phone plans! Too many times in the past I have completely forgotten to get a phone plan while I’m on vacation, and they charge you so much. Contact your service provider and see what plan would work best for you!

Tip 4

Water, water, water! I make sure to drink a ton of water before and during traveling. Winter makes everything dry enough, so make sure you stay hydrated. Planes are especially dry. I bring my S’well bottle every time I travel, and make sure to fill it non stop.

Tip 5

Check in 24 hours before your flight. If you don’t do this, I can almost guarantee that you will be sitting in the seats right in front of the washroom. If you are late getting to the airport, but you have checked in 24 hours before, your seat is still assigned and you don’t have to panic!

Tip 6

Depending on how many flights you are taking, or how long they are, flying can get uncomfortable. I always wear comfortable footwear when I travel. I typically wear my Nike runners, which are easy to slip on and off.

Tip 7

Bring things to keep you busy. For me, it is soooo hard to sleep on a plane. I can never get comfortable. And now with Beckam, Haden and I usually both stay awake. A few of my top items are.. books, music, snacks and movies. I could read all day every day, so reading makes the trip go by so much faster. Bring snacks, ESPECIALLY if you have a child/children. It keeps them busy, and I usually snack on Beckam’s treats too! Make a playlist with all of your favourite music. Sometimes you can watch movies on flights, but I make sure to bring my Ipad just in case.

Tip 8

When I am traveling far and on long flights, my legs start to cramp up and I get really uncomfortable. A tip for longer flights which I always do, is to get out of my seat and walk around. It helps to loosen up my legs and feel more relaxed.

Tip 9

Take advantage of your carry on space. Traveling with B, we get to pack an extra diaper bag. I definitely try to stuff as much as I can into the diaper bag, my purse and my carry on. MOMS: switching our your purse for a backpack is SO handy when traveling with your little ones!

Tip 10

My final tip that I leave you with.. when booking your seats, try to pick seats closest to the front. After a long flight, the last thing I want to do is sit on the plane waiting for everyone else to get off. The closer you are to the front, the faster you can get out of there!

xo, victoria