I’ve had some questions about my makeup look that I’ve been doing while on vacation. Normally I love to switch it up and do something different every day, but I don’t want to spend a lot of time here doing my makeup, so I’ve been going with the same makeup routine (my favourite for warm weather). I normally go without anything except some lipstick during the day, and put the rest on for the evening when we go for drinks or dinner. It’s easy, quick and goes so well with sun-kissed skin!

For foundation I have been mixing the Camera Ready BB cream from Smashbox, and the Silk Creme Moisturizing Photo Edition Foundation by Laura Mercier. I love them both for their natural look and their light feel (I will list the colours below).

For my concealer I started the trip using NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. The colour I have is pretty light, so sometimes I have been mixing it with my Naked Skin Concealer by Urban Decay.

Of course I brought my Secret Brightening Powder by Laura Mercier along. I never go anywhere without it! I always apply that on top of the areas that I put my concealer (under eyes, cupids bow, chin & nose).

For my brows I am still using Anastasia products. Typically I use the brow dip, but my brows have been filling in quite a bit lately, so I’ve switched over to the pencil.

I have been keeping my eye makeup pretty basic by only using two colours in Buxom’s palette Dolly’s Wild Side Eyeshadow Palette. I’ve been putting the colour Spoiled Sexy on my whole lid, as well as my bottom lash line. The other colour I’ve been using is Silk Sheets, which I have just been putting in the inner corner of my eye, and right below my brow to add some highlight.

Depending on our plans for the evening, sometimes I will just add mascara (They’re Real by Benefit Cosmetics) to my lashes and be done with my eye look, or if we are heading out for an evening of food and drinks I like to add a little winged liner with Loreal Paris Super Slim Liner. And of course my favourite lashes to add to that are the Demi Wispies (black).

To finish off my face I have been using my go-to highlight, Champagne Pop by Becca. It’s going to be really hard to find a highlight that beats this one!

I’ve got so dark here (without meaning to! Really, I’ve used SO much sunscreen and have tried to stay in the shade of palm trees. I can thank my dad for my olive skin!), so I haven’t needed to really use bronzer. I will sometimes add a touch of it just to even out my skin tone. My bronzer I brought is Fiji by Sephora Collection.

Urban Decay has AMAZING blushes. They are long lasting and are so pigmented, so they last forever! Since my skin is quite a bit darker, Ive been using my “summer” shade, Quickie by Urban Decay. It is literally hot pink. So many people get scared when they first see it, but trust me it’s beautiful. All you need is a tiny touch, and the colour gives you a sun-kissed look. Try it, you won’t be disappointed!

Last but definitely NOT least, is my new favourite lipstick (seriously I have been wearing it every day!!). It is Snob by MAC. It is the prettiest pink colour and goes so well with a tan. I have been mostly wearing it alone, but sometimes have mixed it with the lip liner Pink Blossom by MARCELLE.

These products are a good mix of pricey and affordable, but they really do last a long time. If you are looking for an easy makeup look while your on vacation, this is my favourite go to! All products will be linked below 🙂

Happy Saturday! xoxo

Foundation: Smashbox-Light/Neutral & Laura Mercier-Cashew Beige

 Concealer: NARS-Vanilla & Urban

Decay-Medium/Neautral | Brightening Powder: Laura Mercier

Brows: Anastasia Brow Wiz-Medium | Eyeshadow Palette: Dolly’s Wild Side

 Single Shadows: Silk Sheets & Spoiled Sexy | Mascara: Benefit: They’re Real | Liner: Loreal Paris-Super Slim

Lashes: Demi Wispies-Natural | Highlight: Becca-Champagne Pop | Bronzer: Sephora Collection-Fiji

Blush: Urban Decay-Quickie | Lip Liner: MARCELLE-Pink Blossom | Lipstick: MAC-Snob


xo, victoria