Before we ever took Beckam traveling with us, I had heard horror stories of babies/kids crying for 5 hours straight on flights. When we took him on his first flight, he was an angel. It was so easy that we took him with us everywhere we flew his first year. He slept, and ate, slept some more and ate some more. Now that he is 14 months, he has a lot more energy, stays awake longer, and needs to be entertained more. Knowing how far, how many flights and how long it would take to get to Hawaii, all I could do was pray. I’m just kidding, that’s not all I did.. but the praying definitely helped!

I wasn’t worrying about him crying during the flights and having other passengers annoyed (my mama-bear claws would have come out if there was any complaints!), but I wanted him to have enjoyable and comfortable flights. It’s so hard to get comfortable in planes, but since he’s so small it was much easier for him. I sacrificed a bit of my comfort for his, which was totally fine. I would sacrifice it all for him.

We were lucky that he slept a lot of the time because we travelled through the night. But when he was up… he was up! This guy has so much energy. He was being hilarious trying to look at the passengers behind us and grabbing every pamphlet he could reach. I came prepared to make sure he had lots to keep him busy. We packed books, snacks, chew toys (he’s getting some new teeth!), and more snacks. You can never pack enough snacks. Just like us, Beckam got bored on the flights too when he wasn’t sleeping. He would get restless and want to move around and walk. It seemed like snacks were the only thing that in the end, could keep him still. The books and toys kept him occupied for a bit, but snacks is what really did the trick. There was a couple times where Haden took Beckam to the aisle to do a bit of walking, but on a few of our flights there was so much turbulence that it was hard to do this often. We also have baby headphones and let him watch Moana (how fitting for where we traveled to). It’s so dry in planes so we made sure he had water constantly. The water especially helped when we were taking off and descending. It helped with his ears, they didn’t bother him at all so I definitely recommend that! When absolutely nothing seemed to work to keep our little man occupied, we would point out the window and he seemed to love looking outside and opening and closing the window cover. It never got to a point where he cried uncontrollably. He rarely cries, but when he does it’s usually because he is hungry or tired. Every child is different so if any other mothers have more tips, I love always learning! Send them my way!

Beckam moves around a lot when he sleeps if he isn’t totally comfortable. We brought a little blanket, and used our sweaters as pillows for him. He would lay across either one of us, and since we made it so comfortable for him, he hardly moved (slept like a rock!).

Just like before, we traveled with his stroller and carseat. It’s so easy to do it that way. The stroller has tons of room to put extra bags, so we didn’t feel like mules walking through the airports. We needed both a carseat and stroller in Hawaii, so it was perfect to bring the two (they click together into one) along. Again, since we were traveling with a child, they always let us go ahead and go first onto the plane and helped make it easier for us.

We had 3 flights each way. Since we were doing so much sitting on planes, once we landed and were hanging out in the airport during our layovers, we would put Beckam down and let him run wild and use his little legs. This also really helped with tiring him out for the next flight.

As a mom, I am constantly learning new things every day. And as a 1 year old, Beckam is constantly changing every day. I can’t guarantee that traveling will always look exactly like that for us, but as B grows, I’m learning more what he needs.

I personally think the biggest thing that has helped us, was getting him started on flying right from when he was 3 months old. He has done it a few times now, so it isn’t totally new to him. I’ve also learnt to make the best of the situation you are in. So yes, flying for 24 hours with a 1 year old is not ideal. But if you can both make it through without too many temper tantrums, I’d say your doing good!

Happy Wednesday!

xo, victoria