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Good morning babes! This weekend while we were away in Banff, it reminded me of the whole amazing weekend when we got engaged there. I don’t know if I have ever told you guys the whole engagement story, so here it goes!

We headed for Banff on a wednesday or thursday (I can’t totally remember which day). The weekend before this, I was at my “Kasdorf Cousins Christmas Party”. I was chatting with a bunch of my girl cousins and they were saying how I was “for sure” going to get engaged in Banff. Haden had told me a few days before that “I feel really bad but we probably won’t get engaged for another year or so” (he totally tricked me!). So when my cousins were saying I was “for sure” going to get engaged in Banff, I was thinking “oh man, this is going to be so embarrassing when I come back not engaged”.

That monday before we went on our road-trip, I had one of my good friends over for a baking evening (don’t worry Kara, I’m still working on those baking skills). She told me also that I was “for sure” going to get engaged in Banff. I remember thinking again to myself “I hope everyone isn’t expecting this”. We had only been dating for 3 years so I thought that maybe Haden just wasn’t in any rush (little did I know).

The day came that we packed up and headed out. Haden’s dad was over at our place that day, and while him and Haden were outside, I thought to myself that there had to be maybe a slight, small chance that he would propose to me this weekend. So I did what any impatient woman would do.. I looked through his suitcase for a ring! I knew I only had a few seconds to look since they could have come back at any second, so I just dug my hand around feeling for a little square box (C-R-A-Z-Y, ya, I know).

Nothing. I couldn’t find anything (he didn’t bring the box, he hid the ring in his sock). I remember feeling so disappointed (and a tad crazy.. ok, a lot crazy). I had accepted the fact that it just wasn’t going to happen. So we went to Banff, had a couple really fun days of skiing, exploring and more. Friday after a full ski day and hot tub, we were getting ready to go to dinner. Haden asked “what kind of restaurant do you want to eat at tonight? Italian or should we go to a steakhouse?”. “Steakhouse for sure” I replied, not having any clue that that was his plan all along. Once we were finished getting ready, we drove to the Fairmont Banff Hotel. It is the most beautiful, magical looking castle I’ve ever seen! We got there a bit early (our reservation wasn’t for another 30 minutes). Haden asked if I wanted to go out on the terrace to take some pictures. When have I said no to taking pictures with my hubby?! We went out and took some selfies, then Haden asked if I wanted some pictures of myself with the mountains in the back. He told me to face the mountains, as it would make for a really nice photo. So I did, and when I turned around, he was on one knee (here come the waterworks). He told me that I make him the happiest man alive and a few other things that I can’t remember.. I was in COMPLETE shock! All I can remember saying is “are you serious?!”, repeatedly. Once I finally wrapped my head around what was happening, I screamed “YES”. We hugged and kissed and laughed and cried. It was perfect.

We called our family members and some friends, and then went inside for dinner. Haden had the most amazing dinner planned and ready for us, and champagne! My gosh, this man thought of it all. We could not stop smiling and laughing. It was by far one of the happiest moments of our lives. As we left the Fairmont, I rolled down the car window and literally screamed “I’M ENGAGED!!!”, Haden put the child-lock on after that haha!

Oh, but he wasn’t done with this amazing night. He then took me to the cutest little stable with the most beautiful horses. There, waiting for us was a carriage ride through the mountains. It was December, so quite cold out, but we had a buffalo blanket to keep us warm. It was so romantic and beautiful. I felt on cloud 9 and have ever since because of my best friend. It was such a dream, something out of a movie.

It is so special every time we go back. This time we got to take Beckam, which made it even more special. I can’t wait until I can tell all of our babies that story!

xo, victoria