My husband and I love to vacation in hot places. Most recently we were in Scottsdale, Arizona. The weather there is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! It was so hot, so I had to make sure I was extra careful when out in the sun.

Sometimes we focus so much on getting that “perfect” tan while on vacation or before summer ends, that we don’t worry about getting it the right way. If I can help looking young for as long as possible, trust me.. I will do it! There is not a day that I will be out in the sun without wearing sunscreen.

Although sunscreen is super important, I use a few different products before a day in the sun. This has been my routine for summer 2016 and my most recent vacations.

The first product I apply is this eye duty, triple remedy overnight balm. This is an eye treatment that helps with anti-aging for both the undereye area and the upper eye lid. It helps restore the skin to give it a youthful and revitalized appearance. It is meant to be used overnight, because it gradually absorbs into the skin and locks in key moisture and nutrients while you sleep. This is a product that I use not only during the summer and hot vacations, but all year round.

When I wake up and am about to head out to the pool or a day full of outdoor activities, this Ultra Repair Cream is the first thing I apply. I love it for my combination skin, especially when I am feeling a bit more on the dry side. It has no greasy after feel which is also one of my favourite things about it! You can use it from head to toe (I mainly use it on my face). Applying this before your sunscreen gives you the extra hydration that you will need being out in the sun.

This Tarteguard sunscreen is my everything when it comes to laying out. It has so many benefits, and I LOVE the smell of it! It brightens, protects, moisturizes and is non-sticky. It leaves your skin feeling super soft and silky. It is SPF 30, and vegan! Luckily, with my Brazilian skin I can tan quite easily. But protecting my skin is always number 1. You only have one skin, take care of it!

xo, victoria