Dress: Dottie Couture / Heels: same, different colour here

Happy Monday loves!

We are having just the best time in Hawaii as a family. Our days have been filled with swims in the ocean and pool, walks to get our favourite coffee, farmers markets, gelato, and lots more! We’ve been starting every morning off with our favourite walk to Starbucks, then the Hilton to visit the dolphins, and back home again. It takes around 45-50 minutes total. We did this walk everyday in February when we were here, but I’ve noticed this time that the walk is way more exhausting than before (pregnancy problems). It’s been such a great way to get our days started. Beckam is a little fish and is obsessed with the water! He wants to spend all day swimming, and we are perfectly fine with that! Tonight Haden and I are making dinner for everyone. We are going to attempt to make a new pasta seafood recipe. Wish us luck!

About this outfit.. well you all know how much I love Dottie Couture, and when I saw this dress I HAD to have it! It’s so perfect for any warm vacation. I love the design on it and how flowy it is. I tried to look EVERYWHERE for a purse similar to this one, but I couldn’t find one! I picked this up at a cute little boutique right near where we are staying. If I end up finding a similar one, I will definitely let you guys know! Have a great rest of your day!

xo, victoria