Sweater: Nordstrom / Leggings: Garage Clothing

You guys I am SO excited because I received my first box from Bump Boxes! What Bump Boxes is, is a monthly delivery of mom and baby products for a healthy pregnancy, and they go all the way until your little ones first birthday!

I got mine in the mail the other day and I am already obsessed with everything in it! Everything they sent has been so helpful and are all things that you need during your pregnancy. They have completely got me covered during my pregnancy, and I love it!


First I got a water bottle that says “fly as a mother”. It’s so cute, and SO needed during pregnancy. It’s so hard to stay consistent with always being hydrated, but this bottle has really helped me! Plus it’s cute, win-win.

The next thing I received is a book full of mocktail recipes! This is going to really go to use because I still want to make fun pretty girly drinks, and this book has helped me do just that!

Keeping my belly soft and moisturized is something that is so important to me. The bigger my belly gets and the more my skin stretches, I want my skin as soft as possible so that it is easier on my body. In this box I got sent the yummiest smelling body butter, and it feels sooo good on my skin! I can’t help but put it all over!

Once again, taking care of my skin is so important to me during pregnancy. Something else that I have been using every day that Bump Boxes sent me, is the “Pure and Pampered” body wash. It has so many healthy ingredients in it, and also comes with a body scrubber. After I use this in the shower, I feel like I just came home from the spa!

Thank you for taking such great care of me and my little baby, Bump Boxes!

xo, victoria