Blazer: similar here / Dress: here / Heels: Jimmy Choo / Toque: here / Purse: similar here

Happy Tuesday loves!

I’ve had a lot of questions about how I choose what to purchase when I want a designer item, and how to go about getting it. Below, is my guide to finding your perfect designer item!


Depending if you buy designer items often or not, this will help you choose if you want more classic or unique pieces. If I were to only buy one designer item every 5 years, I would make it a classic piece. They never go out of style, and you will never get sick of them because, they are a classic. I mean, I’ve never heard anyone say “I’m so sick of the classic Louboutin nude pump”, BECAUSE it is a classic and will never go out of style.

My two main purchases when it comes to designer pieces, are always shoes and purses. I do like to get designer clothing items too, but I get sick of clothes much faster than a good purse or pair of heels. I also only like repeat-offending in outfits that I love a few times. A good purse or heels can be re-worn about a billion times, and in so many different ways! Especially the classic pieces.

If you are buying a classic designer piece, make sure it is something that you absolutely love and your closet would be empty without it. Do your research, find your favourite brand and make the experience of buying it surreal. Depending if you buy from the actual store or go to a Bergdorf Goodman or Nordstrom (buying from both are great experiences), shop around first and try on as many heels or purses as you need to. Even if I have my mind set on a certain pair of shoes, once I get to the store I will still try on at least 10 other pairs. I usually end up still going with my favourite pair. There are no good department stores near where we live, so instead of ordering online, I usually wait until we go away so that I can get the full experience of buying my latest piece in store. They treat you so good, and it’s such a fun experience every time.


This past September my girlfriend an I were asked to join New York Fashion Week. It has truly been one of my biggest accomplishments yet, so of course I decided to treat myself to the shoes that I am wearing above. These are still my favourite item I own in my closet!

I had seen these Jimmy Choo’s online as well as Instagram, and instantly became obsessed with them. We went to Bergdorf one day while we were there, and before I tried them on, I decided to give some other ones a chance first (these ones ended up being over my budget with the exchange rate, buuut… I just couldn’t let them go!). I tried on at least 10 other pairs. Although I did love some of the other ones (I’ve added them to my list), as soon as I tried on these Jimmy Choo’s, there was no question I wanted them more than any shoes I’ve ever seen.

What I love most about them is how unique they are, and they had my name written all over them! The heel wasn’t too high, there’s a clear strip on each heel which shows your skin (so different!) and the pom pom’s, OF COURSE! They were also my first pair of Jimmy’s. I have some classic pieces already, so I thought it was time to venture out and get something I knew I would never regret. Even though they were pricier than the other ones, I went with what I loved the most, and no question, it was these babies.


Some people think it’s crazy what others will spend on shoes/purses. But I think it’s crazy how much some people will spend on food, or other things! It all depends where you want to see some of your money go. Since designer items are big purchases, if you plan on buying something designer then start saving in other areas. If it takes weeks, or months, it will be worth it to you if that’s what you really want. Do you go grab coffee every morning? Start making coffee at home. Go out to dinners or lunches during the week/weekends? Stay at home and cook instead. There are so many ways that you can save up for your item, without feeling totally guilty for spending the money. There are also places where you can buy “gently used” designer pieces for a lower cost. I haven’t done this yet, but I know it can definitely be worth it!

Happy shopping!

xo, victoria