Welcome, Layker Hayes






Happy Wednesday my loves! Welcome to my brand new blog! If you have been following along with my life lately, you will know that our second baby arrived May 7, at 9pm. It has been such an amazing few weeks already and we are so thankful for all of the love and well wishes that we have received. So many people have been asking about Layker’s birth story, so I wanted to share it on here!

I was just about 39 weeks pregnant on Monday when I had a doctors appointment, just like every other Monday. When I had seen my doctor the week before, she said that it looked like he would be here any day! I was dilated and ready to pop. I started having some leakage this last Monday morning and had mentioned it to the doctor. Since I live about an hour and a half away from the hospital, my doctor did not want to risk anything and thought that I should be induced. We then walked over to the hospital, ready to meet our boy. I was so excited and so nervous that before they could induce me, I started going into labour myself! Because my water had been leaking, they decided to break my water. Quickly after that my contractions became stronger and closer together. Haden and I walked around the labour and delivery floor of the hospital to keep things going. He was making so many ridiculous jokes and making me laugh so much, that it made the contractions even more stronger haha!

Once we went back to our room, I sat on the ball and had more quick and painful contractions. Shortly after, I got an epidural which made all the difference. After I got the epidural, I napped and relaxed until I felt some pressure right down low. I asked the nurse if she could just see what it was, and sure enough she said he was right there and I was ready to push! I pushed for a total of 7 minutes, and it was pretty pain free, although I did feel a bit more pressure than I did with Beckam. Seven short minutes and we welcomed Layker Hayes into our lives. He looked extremely similar to Beckam when he was born, except Layker has more hair and it is much darker. He weighed the exact same as Beckam at birth (6’11) and was the exact same length (20 inches). We instantly fell madly in love with our new addition.

So far, Layker spends most of his time sleeping and eating (like a lot of newborns), and just hanging out with us. He has a tiny cry and has the sweetest little face. I thought Beckam was the easiest baby, until Layker came along (thanks for making being a mama of two so easy on me boys!). Beckam wasn’t so sure about him at the start, but has quickly grown to love him and loves to “tickle” his feet and give him kisses.

It is so nice to be back at home and feel completely settled with our family of four. I am so excited to continue to share our journey with you all! Thank you for the amazing support and for following along. Until next time!

xo, victoria