Fitness After Baby





Happy Tuesday loves! I have had so many questions about what my workout/eating plan has been since I had Layker. I’ve also had a lot of questions about the best ways to get rid of belly fat after having baby, so I am going to answer those for you guys today and share what worked best for me!

I did start “working out” shortly after having Layker. I started walking again a week after (mainly because I don’t feel myself when I’m just sitting around and not being active). I also started upper body weights that week as well. I didn’t overdue it by any means, I just allowed myself to do as much as my body let me. I am sharing what worked for me and what I did, I am not recommending anything to anyone or saying what others should do. Please keep this in mind that this is just what I decided to do and what I was comfortable with, as I know my body best. I have a show that I watch and it’s about 45 minutes long, so I would watch an episode each time I went on the treadmill. I did this about 5-6 times a week (depending on how I felt). As for upper body weights, I used 10 pound weights and just did light workouts for my biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest and back. I am waiting for week 6 to start incorporating lower body (legs) and core (Sugary Six Pack workout program).

Although I was being active shortly after having Layker, the thing that made the most difference was my eating. I ate 95% healthy after I had him. I would treat myself here and there (with small portions of treats), but really tried to stay on track for the most part. Not only did I find that my belly fat went away much faster than it did with Beckam, I also felt way better, happier and had so much more energy. My diet consisted of healthy carbs, fats and proteins. Because I am breastfeeding, I am hungry more often so I have been having more meals, but smaller portions.

I’ve been asked for an example of what I will eat in a full day, so I’m going to share what some of my daily options are!

Breakfast: oatmeal with banana, almond milk, cinnamon & hemp hearts / lara bar, handful of nuts & berries / eggs & ezekial toast with natural almond butter

Snacks (throughout the day): veggies & hummus / nuts / smart pop / smoothie (banana, spinach, kale, almond milk, protein powder) / avocado mixed with goat cheese & hot sauce (SO good) / shredded wheat in almond milk

Lunch/Dinner: Greek yogurt mixed with fruit, nuts & granola / Meat (salmon, chicken, beef, tuna, turkey) with veggies & quinoa or rice / homemade turkey or beef burgers & side of salad / tuna tacos / chicken wings (we looove wings & my sister-in-law has the most delicious healthy sauce) with a side of salad & homemade sweet potato fries

Having a baby is a big thing, and it takes time. With Beckam it took me almost 7 months to start feeling and looking like myself again. Be easy on yourself, trust what your body is telling you and enjoy the process!


xo, victoria