We Are Moving!


Happy Sunday loves! So, we have some news… we are moving! Haden’s work has been around Calgary for the last few months, but I have been staying at home. It was too hard to be apart for so long so we looked at our options and chose to head out West! At first, the thought of this felt uncomfortable. I have never lived there before and don’t know much about the area. I have a few cousins who live out there though, which I am so thankful for! We aren’t completely “moving”, as we are keeping our cabin at the lake. We really aren’t sure where the next few years are going to take us, so we decided to just rent a place for a year, just outside of Calgary. It’s a beautiful new three-storey town home. It reminds me of New York living, so I’m excited for something different! Although we will be spending most of our time there, we will spend holidays at the lake and still come home a few times a month.

I am looking forward to meeting new moms and checking out new restaurants and the area we will be living in. Even though I was anxious about it at first, I am so excited for all of the new and exciting things that we have ahead of us in this next year. Haden and I are always up for a new adventure and I can’t wait to experience this with him and my boys! Thank you for your constant love and support you guys!


xo, victoria