Clarion Staycation



Hello babes! It has been a minute sine I have posted a blog! Things have been crazy with the move and such, but I am SO excited to be back and writing! A couple of weekends ago, the boys and I had such an amazing staycation at the Clarion in Brandon, Manitoba. Not only are the staff so great and friendly, the hotel is so clean and the beds… let’s just say I slept like a baby!

They put us up in such a nice suite and had their very well-known (amazing) oreo parfait waiting for us in our room when we arrived. It didn’t last two seconds before me and Beckam dug into it and licked the bowls clean! My favourite part about the suite was the two tv’s. Beckam always wants to watch his cartoons and never lets us watch our shows, so it worked out perfect to each have something to watch!

The pool area at the Clarion is definitely Beckams favourite part of the hotel. It really has everything a kid (and adult) could need! There is a huge pool, with a big waterslide, a kids pool with a water fountain and a big hot tub. We spent 85% of our time in there!

Echo is the restaurant inside of the Clarion. If you haven’t been yet, you absolutely NEED to check it out. Again, the staff is so friendly and I love the atmosphere. Since we had the boys with us, we sat in the dining room. The lounge is also so perfect for a date night, or girls night out. We got totally spoiled with delicious appetizers, drinks (the wine was SO good!), meals and dessert. If you know me, you know I LOVE burgers. The options at Echo for burgers are endless! You can create your own, which is exactly what I did. My standards are high when it comes to burgers, and I am telling you, Echo hits it out of the park! I have been craving their burger ever since! Haden got the steak and lobster and his plate was pretty well licked clean by the end of the meal! Everything was done and cooked so perfectly. Beckam loved his meal too! It’s so nice that there are so many options for kids their as well. We usually get an appetizer when we go out for dinner and like to try something new, so at Echo we tried their Short Ribs. They. Were. Amazing. Like fall off the bone amazing. Now that is an app that I will definitely be getting again!

The best part is that I got you guys a great discount code! If you use the promo code “August Promo” from now until August 31st, you get 15% off of your order! Trust me, you won’t regret it! We can’t wait to stay there again soon!


xo, victoria