Marriage/About Us Q&A




Happy Wednesday babes! It is officially a Winter Wonderland where we live, and I kind of love it! It’s perfect for Christmas and gives me all the feels. Don’t get me wrong, I am still very much excited to be going away on a hot vacation. But until then, I am going to enjoy the snow and soak it all up! Last weekend I asked you guys on my Instagram story what you would want me and Haden to answer, so today I am answering a bunch of your questions!

Q: What are some of your ideas for a date night either out or at home?

A: We have more date nights at home than we do out, for sure! We love to go for drives, so sometimes we will make a list of everything we are craving, and go grab it all! Even if it means we have to stop at 5 different places. Then we go home and eat it all while watching a movie!

We love to have a glass of wine and talk about where we want to go next on our bucket list, or talk about where we want to take our businesses to next. Talking about our work- it might not sound fun for everyone, but we love it!

In the winter we like to put some wine in a mug and go for a walk at our lake. Its seriously so relaxing and we get to just focus on each other the whole time.

I’m a games person, so I am always up for playing games. Haden isn’t so much, but he goes along with it (best husband award goes to… HADEN!). We always play for something, as I can get pretty competitive. We usually play for a 15 minutes massage. Even if Haden wins, he still ends up giving me a massage as well because he feels bad (again… best hubby I tell ya).

If we go out on a date night, we like to go to a steakhouse for dinner and order our favourite foods and drinks. Going to movies is also so fun. I usually don’t want to go, but once I finally get to the movie and have my snacks and drink, it’s the best!

As I said, we love going for drives. Sometimes a date night can be as simple as picking up a coffee and snack, and driving around talking about our dreams. We talk about our dreams/work non-stop. What can I say, we love what we do!

Q: How do you still have time to really devote yourself to two littles? I give all my attention to my 1 and my husband.

A: So this is a great question because I feel like lately my answer has changed. When Layker was smaller, he slept so much so it didn’t really feel like anything was different. But now that he is 7 months old, he needs me a lot more and wants more attention. I do take Beckam on dates so that he feels like nothing has changed, and we have our time just the two of us. Haden and I always have time in the evenings together and go on date nights so nothing has changed there. I am thankful that I do work from home, so that allows me to be with both of them all the time!

Q: Who is more romantic out of the two of you?

A: Haden is for sure. He is the most thoughtful person I know!

Q: What are some places on your bucket list to travel to together?

A: Austria (the sound of music is my fav), Bora Bora (we want to stay in the huts on the water), Iceland, Charleston (this has been number one on my list since I can remember), Tulum and many more!

Q: What’s a good time to start a family? When do you guys want more kids?

A: This answer will be different for everyone. I became a mom when I was 25. I knew I was ready to start my family and put my focus on that. I’ve always wanted a big family of my own, so I felt like 25 was a good age for me to start. When do I want more kids… this answer has again changed for me. I thought that I wanted to have all of my kids right away. One after another. But honestly, I kind of love it being the four of us right now. It’s giving me more time to focus on my career and I love giving my attention to my two littles. I think we are going to wait a while and have our last two kids closer together!

Q: Who is a better cook?

A: Haden is! Definitely Haden. I got lucky 🙂

Q: What are your favourite things about each other?

A: My favourite thing about Haden is that he is SO thoughtful. He seriously comes up with the best surprise weekend plans, or gifts, and is always putting us first! Haden says that his favourite thing about me is that I’m a dreamer like him haha!

I hope you enjoyed getting to know us better!

PS. Is Rheanon Neale the most amazing photographer or what?!

xo, victoria