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Life With Two Littles




Happy Saturday everyone! Christmas is now 3 days away and Beckam is anxiously waiting for Santa to arrive! He didn’t understand the concept of Santa last year, but this year he is really into it!

Today I wanted to share a little bit about being a mom of two boys, and a mom of two in general. Where to start?! Beckam and Layker are the sweetest little boys and they make every day so amazing. They are BEST friends and Beckam is completely obsessed with Layker. I get asked quite often what their age gap is, and when we want to have more babies. They are 2 and a half years apart. For us, it turned out to be the perfect age gap. Beckam is old enough to understand what is going on, and he is SO helpful with Layk. Every morning when we go to get Layk from his crib (Beckam and I get up before Layker every morning), Beckam goes up to him and says “Hi Layka, hi cutie”. It completely melts my heart. The love he has for Layk could make my heart burst! His excitement to go wake up Layker every morning is always the same. Beckam is also the only one who can make Layker laugh as much as he does. I am so happy that they have each other!

I think once Layker was 2 months old, people started asking when we were going to have our third… um what do you mean our third?? I just had a baby haha! We definitely want two more babies eventually, but 2 has been such a good easy number. It’s easy to travel with them and whenever Haden is gone, I still manage totally fine. I have to admit.. I have the two easiest kids I’ve ever met! I’m enjoying my time so much right now with just the two of them and because they are so easy, it has allowed me to really work on my blog and take things where I didn’t expect. So for right now, I want to put a lot of focus on my two boys (and Haden of course) and my career. I think when the time is right, I will just know and be ready for a third.

My two littles are my best friends and we do everything together. I love spending every day with them and seeing their personalities come out. Since Haden is so busy with work, Beckam and Layker come almost everywhere with me. They both had to come with me to get my hair done the other day, and Layk just sat on my lap the whole time (the girls at the salon also LOVE him and took turns holding him), while Beckam sat and had snacks and watched a movie. Since Beckam was young we did a lot of traveling and moving around, so the boys are used to it.

A little bit about their personalities… Beckam Blaine is sweet and so kind. He is sensitive and super shy at first, but eventually comes around. He always wants to be with his family, and whenever Layker cries, he rubs his head and gives him kisses to help calm him down. Beckam is HILARIOUS and makes us laugh all day, every day. He loves on us so much and is completely obsessed with “working”. We got him “work boots” just like Haden, and he always wants to wear them and help daddy work on the house or yard.

Layker Hayes is literally the happiest baby I’ve ever known. He smiles all day long and never makes strange with people. He has the cutest little dimples in his cheeks and has the most contagious laugh. Whenever he laughs, we all laugh. He loves being cuddled and his favourite thing is to nap with Beckam.

I love watching our boys grow and seeing them in every new stage of life. I just wish time didn’t go by so fast, but I try to soak up every second of it.

Photography: @rheanonnealephotography

xo, victoria