Shedo Lane

Happy Tuesday loves! We have been back from Hawaii for just over a week and missing it like crazy! The weather was so amazing and it only rained once for a few hours towards the end of our trip. The weather is truly perfection on The Big Island. Before we left for our vacation, SwimZip & Shedo Lane totally stocked us and the boys up on their amazing clothing and swimwear! We have worn SwimZip before and instantly became obsessed with it. Again, as soon as we tried Shedo Lane, it was the same reaction. Their clothing is made out of the softest, most amazing material!

SwimZip was started up by a mom who actually  battled skin cancer. It became her passion to create swimwear that was safe and sun protective. We spend so much time on the beach and by the pool, so this was perfect for our boys. Knowing how safe SwimZip is, it’s hard to want to have them wearing anything else in the sun! SwimZip is UPF 50+ clothing, and is so easy to get in and out of. The rash gauards have front zippers and there is something for everyone! Since Layker is smaller, he not only wears their swim shorts and rash guards, but he also has their long sleeve rompers (which are SO DANG CUTE!), for being out in the sun. Beckam loves their swim shorts and I either pair them with a short sleeve, or long sleeve rash guard. Have I mentioned how adorable their prints are?! My favorites are the pineapple, shark and the “fish bone babe”. This is all great and amazing for the kids, but what about us parents? WELL… SwimZip recently expanded and added in a mens line! So of course, I HAD to get Haden the pineapple swim trunks to match the boys. I could have spent all day taking pictures of my three boys in the matching swimwear! On top of that, they have the cutest sunnies and hats as well!

Okay mama’s, now it’s our turn. SwimZip also has something for every mama! From beach cover-ups to rash guards to towels (and more), SwimZip has it all. I brought one of their long sleeve body suits with me to Hawaii and got so many compliments on it! I think people thought that I was a serious surfer! A girl can dream though, right?! They have so many prints and patterns, and of course I went with one that had pink on it. My favorite feature on these is the thumb keyhole on the sleeves. Again, these are so easy to wear and easy to put on and take off.

Shedo Lane was new to us this trip, but it did not disappoint! For their clothing, they use the highest rated UPF 50+ sun protective fabric as well. Keeping your skin safe while looking cute… sign me up! They are light weight and are incredibly comfortable. The four of us wore their shirts almost every day.. they are truly the comfiest! It was so fun matching the boys all while staying safe in the sun. I can’t get over Beckam and Layker wearing their green tanks! Not only do they have amazing clothing, but the people behind the scenes are just as amazing. They donate 5% of their net-profits to non-profit skin cancer fighting organizations. Not only can you get your family into sun protective clothing, but you can feel good about the fact that you are also giving back. Another amazing quality about this company is that the prices are SO GOOD. I could have bought out the whole store if Haden would let me! Do yourself a favor and go get you and your family some SwimZip and Shedo Lane!

On another note… I have been asked by so many people, how it is to travel with kiddos. Haden and I have done both. We went to South Carolina a couple of weeks before Hawaii just the two of us, and although it was so fun, we missed the boys way too much. If I am being 100% completely honest with you all.. traveling is way more fun AND easier with kids. I am not kidding when I say this. The actual getting on the plane and flying is easy! Keep in mind, every kid and every situation is different, and I am speaking only from what I know and my experiences. But really, everyone is so helpful when you travel with kids. The flight attendants are always making sure you and your babes have everything that you need. We always bring a stroller with us because wherever we go, we want a stroller there as well. They make it so easy for you to do this, you just bring the stroller right up to the front of the plane where you board, they put it away for you, then have it ready again as soon as you get off of the plane. I always pack snacks, small toys/books and always have movies downloaded on Beckam’s iPad. Beckam actually loves to travel and be on planes. Layker will sleep most of the way since he is still so young, but its also easy to keep him distracted with snacks and looking out the window!

Being on vacation with the boys is just way more fun than being without them. Watching them experience new things and getting excited about the beach or whatever else it is we are doing, is the best thing. Some people have told me “but they are so young and won’t remember it”. At this point, Beckam will start having these vacations as memories, and even if he didn’t, it is worth every penny to see constant smiles on his face and to watch him playing in the sand or wanting to spend time with us going on walks in the nice weather. Also, I would just miss them too dang much to be away from them for a long time again! They are my best friends and I loving being able to give them these experiences and memories!

xo, victoria