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Theatre Room


Happy Sunday babes! I am SO excited to be sharing our THEATRE ROOM! I never even thought of putting one in my house, until we visited friends who had one in theirs. We spent every evening in there with them and we had a blast! The boys especially loved it. We quickly decided that it would be the perfect room to add to our cabin for our family to enjoy.

We were very specific on how we wanted it to look, and the feel we wanted it to give us. Dufresne furniture helped all of our theatre room dreams come true, and we really couldn’t have done it without them!

There were some really specific things that I had on my “theatre room list”. The first of course being, very comfortable seating. I thought this would be the hardest part to figure out because the comfortable seating was my main priority. Durfresne made this part the easiest! Not only did we end up choosing the comfiest recliners, but they are absolutely gorgeous (and sturdy, great for our kids climbing all over them). They also checked off all of the smaller boxes we had for seating, like cup holders, wide seats, extra storage and high backs for that much more extra comfort. We ended up going with the Matrix Power Recliner Sofa for the back row, and the Matrix Power Reclining Loveseat for the front row.

The next thing on our list was a BIG TV. We wanted it to be the main focus of the room, and really give it that theatre vibe. We went with a 75 inch TV, and we couldn’t be happier with our choice! You can shop all the TV’s this size right here. We also got an amazing sound bar which makes you feel like you are at a theatre! Take a look at Dufresne’s sound bar options here!

Everyone’s idea of a theatre room will be slightly different. But for me, I HAD to have a fireplace. It gives our theatre a feel like you are still in the comfort of your own home (which of course, you are). It’s especially cozy right now around Christmas time! It really is the piece that brings the whole room together and gives it that extra cabin look! It has quickly turned into the boys favourite part as well! They love how you can change the colour of the fire. We constantly have it on when we are watching movies! I highly recommend adding this feature to your theatre room. It really does make a world of a difference.

Another thing that I just had to have, was of course, a candy bar. And let me tell you, I’ve had more than my fair share of candy these last few months! It really is so perfect to have in a theatre room. We get to choose all of our own candy and always have different snacks for our movie night. But no theatre room would be complete without a popcorn maker, which we of course got as well! Nothing like a new movie to watch with your family, fresh popped popcorn and a bowl of your favourite candy. Is this sounding like a dream room? Well, it is! All thanks to Dufresne and their endless amazing options. But wait, I’m not done just yet!

We wanted a space where we could always keep drinks on hand in the room. So we chose an awesome mini fridge from Dufresne and I have to tell you, it’s your lucky day! I just saw that our mini fridge is now on sale, so shop it here!

To finish off this room, we added some larger picture frames with movie posters in them, from some of our favourite movies. This was fun and its a great idea because you can constantly switch them out for other movies!

Dufresne truly made this space a dream come true. Our theatre exceeds all of my wildest expectations and they were a dream to work with. Not only did they make it easy, but they made it so enjoyable to work together on this. Dufresne is so talented at what they do, and they really know how to make a house a home. Working with them was so fun, and they really knew how to take my vision and make it come to life. If you are in the market for a theatre room, or really any room, I HIGHLY recommend going to Dufresne for all of your needs. They will surely make it a great and easy experience. They deliver right to your door (even if you are in the middle of nowhere, like our cabin), and set it up for you! Shop the Dufresne site right here!


xo, victoria