Becoming A Mom Of Three



Happy Friday loves! I hope you all had an amazing week! We are supposed to have nice weather again this weekend, so I’m looking forward to getting outside with the kiddos. I asked on my instagram stories if there were any questions that you guys had on becoming a mom of three, so I’ll answer them below! It has been a fun, busy transition, with a little less sleep and a whole lot more love!

Q: How much sleep would you say you get per night? And do you nap?

A: I try to get to bed in good time (before 10), and Storie wakes up a couple of times a night. I like to get up earlier if I can, but sometimes I get to sleep until 7:30/8 because the kids sleep that long. So I would say a typical night would be for me to get around 8 hours of sleep, sometimes more and sometimes less. I don’t nap. Although Layker and Storie nap at the same time, and I could put bribe Beckam to go down for a nap if I really wanted to, I really just like using that time to have quality time with Beckam and get work done. The odd time I will have a nap on the weekend while Haden is with the kids, and let me tell you.. it is GLORIOUS.

Q: How much more difficult is it going from 2 to 3? Compared to going from 1 to 2!

A: The transition for me seemed about the same. They have both been great transitions, although I would say that the one difference is that now I’m busier and my hands are more full with 3 (and I love every second of it)!

Q: How do you maintain a schedule with 3 littles? I only have 2 and its a rollercoaster!!

A: We don’t really have a schedule. Every day is different with my work, so we really just go with the flow. Layker still naps, but it isn’t at a set time. He usually naps anywhere between 11-1. Storie doesn’t have her nap schedules yet, she just naps all the time! The kids are really easy going so I’ve learnt to let them fall into their own schedules and it’s worked out really well for us!

Q: Love life/libido after baby while breastfeeding?

A: Since we are busier with a baby, we have to make a point of making the time for each other. We are both more tired right now from Storie waking us up in the middle of the night, so getting the kids down earlier and trying to get extra sleep definitely helps! We’ve decided that no matter how busy life is with kids/work etc, we need to put each other at the top of the list.

Q: Did you always picture yourself having a big family?

A: I did! My dad is from a family of 13 kids and I always loved having lots of cousins/family. At one point, I wanted to have 10 kids. You read that right. I actually wrote out a list of 10 boy names and 10 girl names. I’ve always wanted a home filled with kids and pets and so much noise, laughter and love. At this point, we know we for sure want 4. It feels like our number but I would potentially have 5.. maybe 6 haha! We will see where life takes us!

Q: What was the biggest surprise being a girl mom compared to boys?!

A: I get this question all the time. Because she is still so young, I haven’t noticed any big differences yet. But it is so fun to dress her and choose her outfits!

Q: You make motherhood look so effortless! Especially with a newborn. How do you do it?!

A: Thank you, but instagram is a highlight reel and the 30 second stories that you see are mostly the highlights, because I do just love to share the happy moments! The days that I get dressed/make up done, I’m usually sweating the whole time that I’m getting ready haha (mom life). Motherhood is amazing but there are for sure times when I feel like my tank is running on low.. but then I look at my love tank and its always overflowing. I am really laid back so if my days/things don’t go as planned, I try not to stress. Don’t sweat the small stuff!

Q: What’s your best parenting tips to be more relaxed?

A: Truly I believe life is just too short to do anything else but enjoy the wild ride. I know people sometimes say the days are long and the years are short, but to me it all feels too short. I try to soak up every moment for what it is. I know that one day I will look back on the amazing moments and the trying moments.. and I will wish for them all back.

xo, victoria