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Happy Thursday loves! I hope you are all having an amazing week! I know how much you all appreciate feedback on any new products/baby products that I’m using and loving, so I absolutely had to share my new favourite baby monitor with you!

As many of you know, I am a super laid back mom for the most part. But when it comes to my kids safety, I am a HELICOPTER mom through and through! I do my research on the safest products for my babies. I am so happy to share with you the Cubo Ai Smart Baby Monitor. There are so many reasons why we chose and love this baby monitor for Storie’s nursery, here’s my mini review for you all!



Not only is the monitor adorable (it’s in the form of a sweet little bird- such a cute touch to your child’s bedroom), but it can also be used as a small night light! It has infrared light for night vision, a wide-angle Sony lens, light sensor, high sensitivity microphone and so much more! There is no red light with the night vision (unlike most cameras with night vision), so your babe can sleep peacefully! As for safety, I’ve never felt more confident that this is the perfect baby monitor for our babes. Not only can we see every inch of her crib and more, but the Cubo detects if her face is covered and if she is breathing okay, which completely puts my mama heart at ease. You can even create danger zones, and it will alert you if your baby gets near any places you might want them to keep away from! It has everything that I need as a mom to feel safe and at ease, as well as having everything Storie needs to keep safe and comfortable!



The Cubo Baby Monitor has given me complete peace of mind. Compared to baby monitors that we have used in the past, the Cubo has an extremely clear view as well as a wide view of Storie, whether it’s dark or light in her room. Other baby monitors (and I’ve tried 2 other baby monitors) that I’ve used have not been able to give me a full view of her entire crib. One even set off the “your baby isn’t breathing alarm”, but it was false of course. Can you imagine the panic I felt from that false alarm?! In the past, I haven’t been able to trust other baby monitors and would always risk waking her up (and it usually did wake her up) by going into her room to check up on her. The Cubo has a 1080p HD Sony Night Vision Lens, which also automatically captures photos and some moments that you may have missed otherwise. Moments like smiling, head lifts, rolling over and more- how special is that!



The Cubo has a “covered face alert” which instantly lets you know if your baby has anything covering his/her face.. so mama’s, you can relax. Go bake those muffins or have a shower without worrying every second if your babe is okay.



I fully believe it pays off to invest properly into your children and their health and safety. My kids are my number one priority and I am so excited to share an amazing product that I fully believe in. So Mama’s or soon-to-be Mamas, Cubo was amazing enough to give me a discount code to share with you! You can use discount code: CUBOVICTORIA to get 36% OFF your baby monitor! Taking the original price of $299 (USD), down to $184. With Father’s Day coming up, this would be a great gift idea for Dad’s or soon to be Dads too! I promise, you will love it as much as we do! Happy safe sleeping!

Grab your cubo here!

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xo, victoria